Langzhong Industrial Concentration Zone
Langzhong Ancient City, a national AAAAA tourist attraction, is located in the northeast of Sichuan Basin and upper and middle reach of the Jialing River. It is surrounded by mountains with waters on three sides and mountains, waters and the city are integrated as one. The surrounding mountains locking the scenery within the city and the dazzling waters embracing the city together make the city a poetic and picturesque place, thus the reputation "Wonder Land on Earth and Fengshui Treasure Land". This place gave birth to countless celebrities, including Luo Xiahong, a world-class great astronomer in the Western Han Dynasty, Fan Mu, the leader of Ba people in assisting Liu Bang retrieving Ba, Shu and Hanzhong, four brothers of Number One Scholar of Tang and Song Dynasties from Yin and Chen Families, and Han E, Hua Mulan of Shu. Countless literati who appreciated Langzhong's scenery have created numerous calligraphy and literature works during their travel here.